With heightened consumer awareness on environment issues, companies need to take proactive steps in supporting green
initiatives as a source of competitive advantage. Proactively supporting and undertaking green initiatives are now a part of
global good governance practices.

Customer Acquisition

> Thank customers for switching to electronic communication
>  Plant trees to welcome new customers
>  Plant a tree to every existing customer
>  Plant trees to greet customers on festivals
>  Gift trees to loyal customers
>  Plant trees to complement the launch of a green product

Employee Engagement

> Gift a tree to every member of the staff
> Give a tree gift to honour star performers
> Plant a grove to honour loyal employees
> Gift a tree to mark employee birthday / wedding anniversaries / baby shower gifts
> Allow employees to plant trees through a Payroll deduction program

Honour Business Associates

> Greet Distributors and Supply Chain Partners on Birthday’s, Anniversaries and Festivals.
> Recognixe Distributors, Stockist and Supply Chain Partners on Achievement of Sales targets
> Honour Supply Chain Partners that conform to green practices

Carbon Emission offset

> Set annual goal on the number of trees to plant to offset all or part of your emissions. It’s Easy.
> Plant trees to help customer’s offset emissions from product use (either customer is charged a voluntary amount upfront for planting or company plants to offset on customer’s behalf or the company partners with the Customer.)
> Grow trees to encourage employees to offset personal emissions by matching employee contributions.

Social Impact

> Urzaa is creating a social impact to the environment and bringing a change in the minds of people by pushing the concept of go green to the next level.

Green Benefits to Company

> Company’s are benefiting with the Green Environment concept as the Companies with high environmental rankings have higher market cap values than comparable companies with lower rankings.
> We foresee that in the coming years all companies will adopt a postive approach towards the green environment.

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