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Today as the air quality in India continues to deteriorate & global warming is a reality. It is a dream if we will be able to pass on our natural resources to the next generation in its truest form. With this in mind Ur раскладушки zaa with its Go Green India Initiative turns to the youth of India & presents them with a magical box that can lead to a more natural & healthier India for our children.

Together, we pledge to save environment…save India…save the earth…

Let’s all contribute to our precious country by planting 100 million seeds a year for turning India into our dream Green India!!!

Urzaa Features

Ideal For

Eco friendly

New Idea
of Gifting

Satisfy your


Perfect for

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Eco friendly Packaging

New Idea of Gifting

Satisfy your Hobby

Go Green

Perfect for Home

Urzaa Features


Caring for Nature

Lovingly Packed

Growing Gifts


(Tulasi ,Basil,Tulas)


* Relieves fever
* Relieves cough
* Good source of vitamin K
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* Lowers stress
* Protects against diabetes


(Tomato, Tamatar)


* Reduces cholesterol level
* Rich with vitamins A,C,K,B6
* Tomato contains lycopene which work as antioxidant
* Keep digestive system heathy
* Lowers hypertension




* Zero calories
* Relieves pain
* Protects against cancer
* Chillis are with antioxidant agents
* Balance blood sugar




* Potted plant of marigold repel bugs
* Marigold flowers are used for sour throats ,cough and fever
* it is with antiseptic properties
* it is with anti fungal properties
* Eases cramps




* Zinnias are one of the easiest flower plant to grow

Simple Steps to Perfect Presents

Get a Urzaa Box

An environment friendly perfect gifting product

Open the Urzaa Box

Uniquely packed box which blooms open the 4 flaps.

What's Inside

Find the Coir Pot which is eco friendly along with Packed Soil and most fertile Seeds of your chosen plant.

Sprinly Seeds into the Soil

Open the Sachet which has the seeds inside. Evenly sprinkle out the seeds onto the soil

Water your Plant

Sprinkle adequate water to the plant on daily basis.

Watch the Plant Grow

You will see the plant growing just within couple of days. It's a wonderful experience. You have taken the right step towards saving the environment.

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